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This listing is for ONE stone that will be intuitively chosen for you! Sizes vary; coin is placed for scaling purposes.



Known as the stone of sobriety, this baby helps with releasing pesky addictions. Amethyst is a powerful travel protection stone that constantly clears negative energy from the aura. This baby also supports the emotional body bringing those who are overstressed back to the center. Use this baby while you meditate to strengthen your connection with the divine or place her by your bed to help facilitate sleep and dreaming. This stone is also wonderful for people who suffer from anxiety and are often overwhelmed by thoughts or emotions.


Energy: Intuition, Protection, Dreams, Purification, Divine connection, Release addictions

Star Sign: Pisces, Aquarius

Planet: Uranus, Neptune

Element: Water, Air

Chakra: Third eye, Crown

Amethyst Chips

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