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This cute & simple wire ring cradles a beautiful Crazy Lace Agate and is handmade with genuine Stainless Steel! Which means it will not tarnish or turn skin green! (:


This is made to order so your ring will have its own character but will be strikingly similar to the one pictured!


Available in all sizes, please select size. (:


Cant decide on just one?

Use code “Trinity” to B3G1 free!! Just add 4 to your cart, type in code, & rock on! (:


Crazy Lace Agate

Known as the laughter stone, this baby fills the user with serenity & happiness. It's a balancing and protective stone that's thought to defend against the "evil eye," offer joy, and absorb emotional pain. This gem has the ability to balance your aura and remove negativity, which helps to cleanse, restore, and regenerate your energy.



Recovery, Emotionally Stability, Happiness, Balance Yin & Yang, Builds Inner Strength, Healing, Uplifting


Chakra:Crown, Third-eye, Solar Plexus

Element:Fire, Air



Crazy Lace Agate Stainless Steel Wire Ring

$15.00 Regular Price
$10.00Sale Price
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