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This listing is for ONE tumbled stone that will be intuitively chosen for you! Sizes vary; coin is placed for scaling purposes.


Green Opal is a truly magickal crystal that has the ability to offer emotional stability and inner peace. It helps to heal the heart on all levels - emotionally, spiritually, and mentally. This crystal can help to restore balance and harmony to one’s life, while providing a sense of comfort and hope. This sweet baby radiates vibrant energy and helps us to be more mindful and present. As a gentle heart-healer, it also encourages us to love ourselves and those around us!


Energy: Healing, Emotional Balance, Raise Awareness, Limit Distractions, Clarity, Relieve Anxiety, Self-Discovery 


Chakra: Heart

Element: Earth, Water

Zodiac: Sagittarius, Aries

Planet: Earth

Green Opal Tumbled Stone

    • Full Moon
    • New Moon
    • Sage or Incense
    • Salt Water 
    • Prayer 
    • Intentional Breath
    • Song Bowl/ Tuning Fork
    • The closer to you the better! Think about where you want this energy to reside. Is it at work? In the bedroom? Kids room? Car? The possibilites are endless! If you need some more guidance send me a message! (:
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