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This listing is for ONE palmstone that will be intuitively chosen for you!


Sizes vary; ruler is placed for scaling purposes.



Getting its name from the Greek word "Ios" meaning violet, this deep colored beauty is well known for its power of purification. Iolite invokes strength, resilience, dedication, and aids in the journey of self-discovery. Also known as the stone of vision, this baby will help you uncover a new vision for your future with your goals within reach! Dispel your fears, release self-limitations and acquire inner vision that opens your third eye and heightens your self-awareness. This stone will challenge you but only to awaken your inner abilities and help you stay true to you.


Energy: Vision, Insight, Awareness, Resilience, Hard Work, True Self, Communication, Intuition 

Star Sign: Libra, Sagittarius, Taurus

Planet: Saturn

Element: Air

Chakra: Crown, Third-eye Throat


Iolite Palmstones

Only 5 left in stock
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