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This listing is for ONE of these exact towers, please specify which baby you would like to adopt! Sizes vary; ruler is placed for scaling purposes.


The right one is my faaavorite since it has some pink hues! It compliments the purple very well!



Known as a stone of transition and hope, Lepidolite helps to shift and restructure old energy patterns, bringing light and hope to a situation. Use Lepidolite to reduce stress associated with change. Lepidolite brings balance and inner peace, helping one to see reasons behind any negative experiences, so they can improve on them. Lepidolite promotes spiritual transcendence and cosmic awareness, particularly assisting in the course of meditation and/or prayer. It also promotes calamity in which you release your fear to control and trust in the Universe and it’s Divine plan for you. Perfect to calm anxiety or alleviate stress.


Energy: Balance, Awareness, Intuition, Inner peace, Anxiety, Transition, Hope


Star Sign: Libra

Element: Water

Planet : Venus

Chakras: Heart, Crown, Third-eye

Lepidolite Towers (Large)

$18.88 Regular Price
$15.10Sale Price