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This listing is for ONE of these exact towers, please specify which baby you would like to adopt! These bad boys have inclusions of Black Tourmaline & Epidote! Sizes vary; ruler is placed for scaling purposes.



Known as the Stone of Prophecy, Prehnite is a popular Shaman tool. It boosts prophetic abilities, and is a wonderful baby to use when diving into your spirit when using tarot/oracle or scrying. This baby enhances visualization and boosts spiritual awareness. Meditating or carrying this stone strengthens your connection with your higher self. Prehnite promotes unconditional love while activating & strengthening your heart chakra! It is also a wonderful stone for bringing peace and joy! Use this baby to help focus and enhance your efforts to seek wisdom & enlightenment, slowly you will discover your path to understanding. Use this stone for decluttering and releasing energy that no longer serves you and become the best version of yourself!


Energy: Calmness, Cohesion, Facilitate dreaming, Love, Spiritual Awareness, Declutter


Star Sign: Libra, Virgo

Element: Earth, Water

Planet: Venus

Chakra: Heart


Prehnite Obelisks

$42.22 Regular Price
$33.78Sale Price
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