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Tiktok Live Sale

Moss Agate Bowl $55

Ocean Jasper Tower $11

Lepidolite Tower $15

Rare Argentina Agate $35

Rainbow Fluorite Tower $28

Amethyst Tower $12

Rhodonite Tower $10

Rose Quartz Heart $5

Carnelian Heart $12

Fluorite Octahedron B3G1 $9 (for 4)

Dendritic Agate Sun $24

Ocean Jasper Tower $18

Labradorite Mommy Carving $33

Fluorite Sphere $18

Larimar Tumbles 2pcs $22

Black Tourmaline $5

Pink Calcite $5

Green Calcite $5

Lapis Lazuli $5

Flower Agate FREE (BOGO)

Botswana Agate FREE (BOGO)

Shipping FREE

*If you are charged an extra shipping fee at checkout please let me know before placing order! It should not but just in case! ! :)

Reserved for Brandi Hogan

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