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Wire wrapped crystal jewelry and accessories is another art you’ll find at MoonchildsObsession! Wearing crystals is a quick and easy way to harness its magical energy!


This is one of my iconic tree of life designs & you will receive this exact necklace! Already adopted? Send me a message to start your own custom order!


This extremely powerful protection stone protects against negativity in all its facets. This includes negative thoughts, anxieties, anger, self-judgement, and feelings of unworthiness. This baby acts like a sponge and soaks up all the negative energy it encounters and transmutes it into positive energy. As a grounding stone it helps purify the aura of toxic substances and other destructive energies. Place one by your front door to ward off negative and envious people from your home. Wear one to avoid negative energy from penetrating your aura. Place one in your car to help prevent tragedies. Black tourmaline is a must have in every collection!


Energy: Purification, Protection, Detox, Transmutation, Uplifting, Grounding, Heal


Star Sign: Sagittarius, Capricorn

Planet: Sun

Element: Earth

Chakra: Root

Tourmaline Tree Of Life Necklace

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