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This listing is for ONE tumbled stone that will be intuitively chosen for you! Sizes vary; coin is placed for scaling purposes.



This soothing stone brings balance to the feminine and masculine energies while alleviating any sense of doubt and fear. This baby will open you up to both sides of a situation, so you don’t make an impulsive decision that is not in your best favor. This baby acts as a filter of all those unwanted negative energies and replace it with love. Use this stone to manifest and attract good luck. Meditate with this baby to increase clairvoyance and telepathic abilities.


Energy: Communication, Truth, Honor, Love, Clairvoyance, Clarity, Prophecy


Star Sign: Virgo

Planet: Uranus

Element: Earth, Water

Chakra: Heart, Throat

Amazonite Tumbled Stone

    • Full Moon
    • New Moon
    • Sage or Incense
    • Salt Water 
    • Prayer 
    • Intentional Breath
    • Song Bowl/ Tuning Fork
    • The closer to you the better! Think about where you want this energy to reside. Is it at work? In the bedroom? Kids room? Car? The possibilites are endless! If you need some more guidance send me a message! (:
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