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MoonchildsObsession is a safe haven for all seekers of healing and self-transformation. Here you will find a variety of hand-selected and hand-wrapped crystals and other minerals that posses the energy to aid in your healing process. These stones will help you discover more about yourself, offer protection, deliver insight, release what no longer serves you, manifest your desires, and help you to become the ultimate version of yourself. 

My personal journey with the magic of crystals began in one of the most stressful periods of my life, when i began college. As a homebody, being far from home was stressful enough along with the endless tasks the college life demands. That is when the soothing and relieving stones, Rose Quartz and Amethyst, made their way into my life. This was the birth of Moonchild who began her journey meditating and making friends with every stone she encountered. But how could she enjoy all the stones if they were at home or in her book bag? By wearing them of course! So jewelry making quickly followed and now it is my Obsession to share Mother Natures creations with you all! Blessed be!

Pink Sugar

Meet the Maker

Merry Meet!

My name is Kaysi and I am the one-woman band that cultivated  MoonchildsObsession LLC. I like to consider myself a Jill of all trades as I'm pretty creative with my hands and love bringing things to life! One of my favorite artforms is wire wrapping and you'll get see all my other obsessions with just a few clicks on this website!(: 

 Welcome to the wonderful world of crystals where no matter where you end up, you'll still have a pocket (or bra) filled with sunshiiine!

Stay blessed!

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