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This listing is for ONE self chosen Caribbean Calcite Palmstone!


Please select the baby that calls to you(:


Caribbean Calcite

A newer discovery found only in Pakistan! This unique stone is actually a combination of blue calcite & white/brown aragonite, which gives it its “beachy” look! Use this stone to invoke sense of self and activate your inner vision. Ideal for meditation, this baby reminds you to be conscious and live in the moment. Heighten your intuition, calm mental chatter, restore balance & harmony, and just relish in the sweet refreshing energy this powerful baby has to offer!


Energy: Calmness, Better Sleep, Relieves Anxiety, Transformation, Insight, Communication, Elevate Consciousness, Inner Truth


Star Sign: Libra, Taurus, Cancer


Element: Water

Chakra:Crown, Third-eye


Caribbean Calcite Palmstones

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