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This listing is for ONE intuitively chosen Clear Quartz Worry Stone !


Feeling anxious? Have too many tabs open? Or just in need of a little fidget buddy that’ll ease your spirit? Worry stones are perfect little pocket pals to bring you everyday comfort! Which one speaks to you?_______________________________

Clear Quartz

This amazing crystal baby is known as the “master healer”. This stone is not only an energy and thought amplifier, but it also absorbs, stores, regulates and releases an abundant amount of energy. Clear quartz is often used to bring clarity and even aids in concentration while enhancing memory. Use this baby while you meditate to bring harmony to all your chakras. Program this crystal baby with intention to guide you through difficulties in your life.


Energy: Clarity, Memory, Concentration, Heal, Align, Programming, Success


Star Sign: ALL

Planet: Sun

Element: ALL

Chakra: ALL

Clear Quartz Worry Stone

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