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This listing is for ONE intuitively chosen Crazy Lace Agate Worry Stone !


Feeling anxious? Have too many tabs open? Or just in need of a little fidget buddy that’ll ease your spirit? Worry stones are perfect little pocket pals to bring you everyday comfort! Which one speaks to you?


Crazy Lace Agate

Known as the laughter stone, this baby fills the user with serenity & happiness. It's a balancing and protective stone that's thought to defend against the "evil eye," offer joy, and absorb emotional pain. This gem has the ability to balance your aura and remove negativity, which helps to cleanse, restore, and regenerate your energy.


Energy: Recovery, Emotionally Stability, Happiness, Balance Yin & Yang, Builds Inner Strength, Healing, Uplifting


Chakra: Crown, Third-eye, Solar Plexus

Element: Fire, Air

Zodiac: Gemini

Planet: Mercury

Crazy Lace Agate Worry Stone

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