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Wire wrapped crystal jewelry and accessories is another art you’ll find at MoonchildsObsession!

Wearing crystals is a quick and easy way to harness its magical energy! Crystals wrapped in copper will amplify the crystals energy, promote love, and act as a lucky charm! While crystal babies wrapped in Stainless Steel will be more grounding, provide strength, and act as a protection amulet!

This particular crystal-piece is a magical Flower Agate elegantly wrapped in copper wire! This baby will come on a black adjustable necklace!

Flower Agate

This beautiful baby is actually a recent discovery from Madagascar and is truly a sight to see! Each one has its own unique flower pattern and is as nourishing as it looks! This stone will protect you from your destructive patterns as it helps you release your fears and self-limitations so you can be the best version of yourself! Stay focused and blessed with this baby and watch as manifestation comes with ease! This stone harnesses the energy to comfort you by balancing your emotions, help you realize your fullest potential, and guide you to manifest your dreams!

Energy: Nurturing, Manifest, Release, Balance, Highest Self, Passion, Self-Discovery, Inner Peace, Self-healing

Star Sign: Virgo, Cancer

Element: Earth

Planet: Venus

Chakra: Heart, Root

Flower Agate Tower Copper Necklace

Only 1 left in stock
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