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This listing is for ONE intuitively chosen bracelet of 8mm Fluorite Beads!


Here at MoonchildsObsession you will find various crystal bracelets handmade with loooove! Each one comes on a high-quality stretchy nylon cord and is decorated with divine energy! *add sparkles here* (:



This sweet crystal baby is known as the “genius stone” because it enhances mental clarity and improves decision making by boosting the absorption of new information. Fluorite expands the consciousness and advances the mind into a greater mental, psychic, and spiritual awareness. This baby has the ability to neutralize any negative energy in a given space making it a wonderful protection stone. Fluorite will constantly cleanse and stabilize your aura ridding of any unwanted energy. Acting as your cloak this baby wipes your aura off the radar to protect you from psychic attacks and other ill wishes.


Energy: Inspiration, Focus, Protection, Awareness, Cleanse, Heal, Neutralize

Star Sign: Pisces


Element: Water

Chakra: Third Eye (Purple), Throat (Blue), Heart (Green/Pink), Solar Plexus (Yellow)


Wearing crystal bracelets is one of the easiest ways to keep your energy elevated or manifest a specific energy! Wear on left wrist to absorb the energies internally or on the right to emit the energy externally and protect yourself from negative energies!


P.s. Crystal Models are not included/for sale. They are simply to add more *pizzazz* to the photos <3

Fluorite 8mm Bracelets

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