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This listing is for ONE intuitively chosen bracelet of 10mm Sardonyx Round Beads!


Here at MoonchildsObsession you will find various crystal bracelets handmade with loooove! Each one comes on a high-quality stretchy nylon cord and is decorated with divine energy! *add sparkles here* (:



This baby is the stone of power and strength especially mental! This baby is the combination of Onyx, Carnelian, and Chalcedony so it’s protective, uplifting, and powerful. This stone helps encourage l one’s inner strength and help you move towards accomplishing your aspirations and dreams. Use sardonyx as a reminder that nothing is impossible as long as your give it your all! Keep your eyes on the prize and your energy mighty high! This is thanks to the carnelian because this stone will encourage and push you to give it your all! This beautiful natural combination makes one truly believe and realize their desires are within reach. Remember you are unstoppable then feel it through every fiber of your being with this baby.


Energy: Protection, Grounding, Mental Strength, Self-Discipline, Courage


Star Sign: Aries, Leo

Planet: Mars

Element: Fire

Chakra: Base


Wearing crystal bracelets is one of the easiest ways to keep your energy elevated or manifest a specific energy! Wear on left wrist to absorb the energies internally or on the right to emit the energy externally and protect yourself from negative energies!

Sardonyx 10mm Bracelets

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