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This listing is for ONE intuitively chosen Sodalite Worry Stone !


Feeling anxious? Have too many tabs open? Or just in need of a little fidget buddy that’ll ease your spirit? Worry stones are perfect little pocket pals to bring you everyday comfort! Which one speaks to you?



This blue baby harnesses the ability to access your subconscious and intuitive abilities, unlocking them and enhancing your insight. By deepening your intuition you’ll have more of a multi-level of understanding things aka having that “ah-ha!” moment and realize the synchronicities that unravel around you. This baby is the stone of insight and will take you on a journey of yourself, assessing your motivations, strengths, weaknesses, desires, and patterns of personal destiny. Meditate with this baby to continue your spiritual awareness expansion.



Insight, Motivation, Realize, Self-acceptance, Mental Performance, Intuition


Star Sign: Sagittarius

Planet: Jupiter

Element: Fire

Chakra: Third eye, Throat


Sodalite Worry Stone

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