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This cute & simple wire ring cradles a beautiful Herkimer Diamond and is handmade with genuine copper!


This is made to order so your ring will have its own character but will be strikingly similar to the one pictured!


Available in all sizes, please select size. (:


Herkimer Diamond

Known as the stone of attunemnent, this stone symbolizes high vibrational energy and clarity. Herkimer diamonds promote a sense of calmness and self-actualization by dispelling suppressed anxieties and stagnant negative energy. ESPECIALLY when paired with other stones of transformation! In addition to connecting to the heart, third eye, and crown chakras, this magnificent amplifier can be used to alleviate tension on any chakra. You can also “program” this crystal to aid in any specific task making it an amazing tool for manifestation! It is also known to facilitate astral travel, dissolve stressful thoughts, release attachments, and strengthen your bond with your spirit guides.



High Vibration, Telepathic Abilities, Manifestation, Clarity, Deep Healing, Clear Blockages, Release Toxic Thoughts/Behavior


Star Sign: Sagittarius, Aries


Element: Earth, Air, Water, Fire

Chakra: Crown, Third-eye, Heart


Herkimer Diamond Copper Ring

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