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An accessible and informative guide to 300 minerals and gemstones, from simple sandstones to diamond, jade, and sanidine.


Discover the fascinating world of the treasures beneath your feet. Each entry in this mini-encyclopedia includes a beautiful color photo plus a key information table with specifications—color, luster, streak, hardness, specific gravity, cleavage, habit, and crystal system. Full of facts and with an engaging and expertly written text, this handy, pocket-size book is a valuable reference and a fascinating read.


Dr. David Cook is a former research chemist and teacher. Dr. Wendy Kirk is a lecturer in geology at University College London. She has 30 years’ experience curating geology collections.


This book is more science than spiritual so you wont find tips of energy healing, however, you will learn about the true origin and growth of 300 minerals and gemstones.

Minerals and Gemstones Book

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