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This cute & simple wire ring cradles a beautiful Rainbow Moonstone and is handmade with genuine copper or Stainless Steel! Please choose the metal of your preference! You will receive one handmade ring! (:


This is made to order so your ring will have its own character but will be strikingly similar to the one pictured! Some may have a blue flash & inclusions of black or green tourmaline but please allow for variations!


Available in all sizes, please select size. (:


Cant decide on just one?

Use code “Trinity” to B3G1 free!! Just add 4 to your cart, type in code, & rock on! (:


(Disclaimer: Copper naturally antiques over time; this could also turn skin green. If you are allergic or prefer a non-tarnish option shop my Stainless Steel & Sterling Silver collections)


Rainbow Moonstone

This beautiful and powerful stone fills the holder with pure joy! Rainbow Moonstone gifts you with inner peace, harmony, emotional balance, strength, purification, and transforms your negative energy into positive creative energy. This baby can align and activate all the chakras, while helping you stay centered and grounded. This powerful healing stone is great for empaths as it heightens intuition and balances out unexpected emotions and feelings.


Energy:  Creativity, Optimism, Inner Peace, Strength, Empath, Self-Appreciation

Star Sign: Cancer
Planet: Moon
Element: Water

Chakra: Third eye, Crown (Aligns ALL)


Rainbow Moonstone Wire Ring

$15.00 Regular Price
$10.00Sale Price
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