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You will receive ONE intuitively chosen bundle!


Smudges are one of the best ways to cleanse and purify your sacred space, crystals, and divination tools. Simply light one end of the bundle, burning just a small portion at a time, and use the smoke to clear an object or a space of all negative energy.


This specific bundle is a California White Sage Bundle and it is commonly used for:

-Antimicrobial properties

-Weighs Down Dust and Allergens

-Eliminates Stagnant & Negative Energies

-Improves Mood

-Reduces Stress

-Brings Clarity

-Enhances Intuition

-Invokes Protective Energy

-Healing & Cleansing to Self & Surroundings


Native Americans & Indigneous cultures burn for healing and protection rituals and often used for cleansing. It was also known to promote wisdom. Ancient Egyptians & Romans were known to use Sage to improve memory, help with digestive issues, and soothe sore throats.



Sage Smudge Bundle

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