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You will receive ONE intuitively chosen bundle!


Smudges are one of the best ways to cleanse and purify your sacred space, crystals, and divination tools. Simply light one end of the bundle and burn small amounts at a time. While lit, use the smoke to clear an object or a space of all negative energy.


This specific bundle is a Eucalyptus and Red Sage Bundle! Eucalyptus is not only known for its aromatic scent but also its ability to calm and relax the mind, body, & soul. Burn, Hang in your shower, or leave as is to benefit from this blissful herb. Red Sage is actually quite unique, as its actually White Sage rolled in Dragonsblood incense, which is ideal for those tummy troubles! (: Together we have an infused duo of ultimate healing, detox, and rejuvenation! 


It is also commonly used for:

Encouraging Emotional Balance

Helps Indigestion


Strengthens Concentration

Relives Mental Blockages and Sluggishness

Stimulates Blood Circulation

Refreshing and Healing


Eucalyptus & Red Sage Bundle