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This elegant Freshwater Pearl stone is set in sterling silver!

Size: 5

Heres more about this baby:

Unlike the rest of the stones and crystal babies you know, pearls are actually little particles like sand or even parasites that get trapped within a mollusk. The mollusk then starts to form and encase it in a pearly structure as a defense mechanism. Pearls are known to bring wisdom from experiences and protect the wearer from all harm. This baby will fill you with confidence and serenity, allowing you to tackle even the most difficult of tasks. Pearl baby will soothe your anxiety and bring balance to your aura. Let pearls healing white light rid of those impurities and toxic behaviors that keep you from your higher self.

Powers: Loyalty, Dedication, Protection, Wisdom, Balance, Calm, Serenity, Charity  

Star Sign: Cancer, Gemini
Planet: Moon
Element: Water
Chakra: Third eye

Pearl Sterling Ring

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