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This listing is for ONE tumbled stone that will be intuitively chosen for you! Sizes vary; coin is placed for scaling purposes.Red GoldstoneRed goldstone is a beautiful stone that isknown to deflect unwanted energy with its mesmerizing sparkles. Wear this baby to boost your confidence and ambition to tackle any challenges. This uplifting stone fills you with positive energy and gets rid of anxiety and soothes all negative and unwanted thoughts/behavior. This stone also brings harmony to relationships and is known to attract good luck and fortune. This is due to the small particles of copper that make up this sparkly baby. Copper is helpful for balance, communication, and synchronicity, making it a great stone to kindle the flame of love.Energy: Uplifting, Motivation, Energy, Harmony, Good Luck, Positivity, Power Star Sign: Leo, SagittariusPlanet: JupiterElement: Fire, Earth Chakra: Root, SacralThis is a man-made material and not naturally occurring. 

Red Goldstone Tumbled Stones

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